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What's so smart about it?

Here at SmartCard we believe that given a choice between paying 100% of a bill or paying only 20-50% the "smart" person will most often choose the latter. We're betting on it. SmartCard allows you to pay through the app for huge savings!

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Smart Advertising

Consumers are Smart! They are always looking for discounted goods and services to stretch their dollars further.

Savvy business owners want to reduce the cost of advertising their business while increasing traffic.

This is SmartCard. The SmartCard app allows customers to purchase goods and services at a discount at local business.

The business gets new customers, with very little out of pocket costs, and you MAKE MONEY!

Pic - Happy Shopper

Plus, the business has full control of the app, they control…

  • The discount offered
  • How often a user can use the app at their business each month
  • How much a customer can spend during each visit
  • Business description
  • Unlimited images
  • Disclaimer related to the discount
  • Days the discount is offered
  • Plus, much more

It’s time to GET SMART...
It’s time to be part of SmartCard


Smartcard Revenue

Pic - Piechart showing revenue sharing: 15%, 20%, and 65%

Example: Start with a $100 Check

20% Off Customer Discount
incentivize customer to use (more is always better)
15% to SmartCard
cover extensive advertising of SmartCard app, credit card fees & expenses
65% to Merchant
(doubles average food costs)

Merchant Earnings: $65

Are you ready to get Smart with your Advertising?