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What's so smart about it?

Here at Smartcard we believe that given a choice between paying 100% of a bill or paying only 20-50% the "smart" person will most often choose the latter. We're betting on it. The Smartcard is an app that allows you to charge a virtual credit card on your smart phone and spend that money at huge savings!

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Get SmartCard Digital

SmartCard allows consumers to enjoy selected area merchants at a discount … and it’s all done with your smartphone. Simply download the free SmartCard app from your app store.

Check the app for current merchants and discounts by scrolling through the “Merchants” screen. The list of merchants changes from time to time, and only those merchants that are shown on the app will accept the Smartcard.

Each merchant will have various disclaimers. These disclaimers will automatically come up on screen to let you know what restrictions the merchant may have.

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Paying Your Bill

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It's simple! Just enter the amount of the purchase into the “pay now” screen. Present your mobile device to your server or cashier who will then press the submit button.

Smartcard will cover the purchase and tax, but not a gratuity. Please tip appropriately when dining at a Smartcard restaurant. Your server will love seeing you come back next time.

The discount on your purchase will be reflected in your customer account. For instance, if your bill is $50.00 and the discount offered by Smartcard is 20% (or $10.00), the overall total of the purchase is $40.00. You just saved $10.00! Check your balance at any time by pressing the “Balance" button.

Within the app, you can call merchants, locate them with the map feature, see the hours of operation, and share this information.

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The Smartcard App is the smart way to do business: new customers, increased traffic, extraordinary savings on advertising.

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Media Partners

Smartcard App: a branded mobile app that creates new revenue streams for media outlets, boosts merchant sales, & gains and retains a loyal customer base.

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The Smartcard App is an innovative business opportunity... limited territories available.

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Florida inquiries: Tom MacKnight 941-447-1184 - All Others: Joe Miele - 205-983-8803